The home as a basis of operations: will social distancing stimulate this trend?

As individuals around the world find themselves working or shopping from home in the wake of the pandemic, can we imagine that trend being part of the new reality?

As the COVID-19 outbreak spreads around the world, large numbers of employees are working from home for extended periods for the first time. Many of them are learning to organize their time and use technology to make this transition as smooth as possible.

But the coronavirus could accelerate a trend that was already being perceived. Even before social distancing and the stay-at-home recommendation, the home was becoming the logistical headquarters for busy people who wanted to make better use of their time. Online searches and shopping habits prior to the pandemic already indicated a desire to spend more time on activities that bring joy, pleasure or comfort, rather than spending hours in traffic jams, commuting or queuing at the supermarket.

The possibility of working from home

Teleworking and remote work have been on the rise for years. This is because people are looking for more flexible work options or side projects that allow them to have an extra income. Before the pandemic, mobile searches for “remote jobs” had increased more than 210% in the last two years.

The advantages of shopping from the sofa

As more and more people are spending more time at home, and perhaps because less commuting means fewer trips to the supermarket, shopping patterns have changed as well.

E-commerce is not new. For more than a decade, people have been researching and buying everything from books to appliances online. Now they also use this modality for supermarket purchases. One of the clearest indicators of this is the increase in searches for delivery and pick-up services from supermarkets. Before the pandemic, mobile searches related to grocery delivery services had grown more than 130% in the past two years. That includes searches for phrases such as “grocery delivery near my home ”And“ supermarket shopping delivery app ”. This increase coincides with the fact that the most important supermarket chains offer (and advertise) delivery and withdrawal services of merchandise.

Projections for the future

Now that millions of people are working from home to prevent the advance of the pandemic and requesting delivery or withdrawal of merchandise to comply with the guidelines of health officials, it is likely that the opinion of consumers regarding remote work and grocery shopping online. More people may find that it wasn’t as difficult as they thought. Everyone is creating new habits and setting new standards. In the short term, marketers will need to find ways to help people meet their most basic needs.

In the long term, we will all have to adapt to this new scenario that we have to experiment and try to understand what it means for all aspects of our industry that the home becomes the headquarters of each person’s operations.


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