Coronavirus causes changes in consumption trends

The report takes the pulse of how this pandemic is impacting consumer behavior and suggests tips for companies to navigate these uncertain times.

The data from the study conducted by Captify reveals how consumer search interest changes as the Coronavirus spreads globally and the number of infected grows, as related news increases that generate waves in information searches.

Captify has analyzed how different consumers are reacting to the Coronavirus to understand behavior patterns and which brands they are looking for.

The most sought-after category by millennials is streaming, and the ranking of the world’s most sought-after brands is led by Netflix, Roku and HBO. In Generation Z, the most searched category is gamming and the brands, Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation.

Families are looking for health care related products and household items and the globally most searched brands in this category are Charmin (toilet paper brand), 3M and Panadol (paracetamol).

People who commute to work mainly look in the home delivery category where in this period the star brands have been Amazon, UPS and Domino’s.

Among people who live in big cities, Travel has been the most searched category and Avis, Kayak and Expedia the leading brands.

Finally, for those living on the outskirts, the leading category has been telecommuting technology and tools, with HP, Dell and Apple among the most sought after brands.



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