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Clickywork is the result of the changes that have occurred in recent years in the way we act, live and relate to each other. Due to the special situation that occurred in 2020 we had to quickly develop a change of mindset, everything that we previously took for granted was now not so clear. That is why we put together an interdisciplinary team of design, web development, electronic marketing and logistics to develop flexible products that can be purchased from the cell phone and in less than 8 days reach our clients’ homes.

Our Mission

What we are looking for

We want Clickywork products to reach the homes of all Colombians and facilitate their work, study or any activity that they propose.

The design of all our products comes from flexibility, the product is first thought in 2D and how it would come out of the box more easily to assemble itself without tools.


We rely on product quality, durable materials, a 5-year warranty, and the impeccable aesthetics of a well-made product.

Clickywork products are manufactured with 100% recyclable materials, we work with responsible companies in their crops such as:

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